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Goodbye Daniel Attfield-Ford


On Saturday 18th May 2024 Clapham Common Little League said goodbye to Daniel Attfield-Ford.

Most people knew Daniel as a referee or coach, but for the last 2 years, he has been the league's treasurer.

Daniel started the league when he was in year 5 as a player. He loved the league so much that when he turned year 9, he decided to come back as a young helper, and then as time went on, he became a volunteer. The league helped Daniel to get his FA qualification in refereeing. Daniel was Claphams referee for many years. He also was one of the referees for the 2024 Dutch tournament. Daniel has spent over 10 years volunteering at Clapham Little League doing a number of different roles and dedicating his Saturday mornings to the league. Daniel never missed a league meeting and was always full of life.

Daniel has done so much both on and off the pitch for the league. Not everything Daniel has done for the league has been seen physically. Daniel has gone above and beyond the calls of volunteering, and I'm sure that he will be missed by everyone involved with Clapham Little League.

Daniel is an amazing young man, and I wish him every success. I am looking forward to hearing about all his future achievements. He will be an excellent asset to whichever company he works with.

Daniel Attfield-Ford, thank you for all your hard work, support, and dedication over the years.


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