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Who Are Clapham Little League?

Since launch day Saturday 25th September 1976,  Little League Football ® a registered charity has been providing football for children from 7 up to about 13 years old who may not otherwise play regularly for their schools or other organisations. 

Our League is different from other sports clubs and organisations operating in the Wandsworth & Lambeth area, in that we work extremely hard to ensure that every player can join in, regardless of financial circumstances. There is an annual £65 donation for all players (siblings at a reduced rate) and no other costs to pay.

The emphasis in Clapham Little League is on mass participation rather than elitism; enthusiasm and endeavour rather than ability. Players are encouraged to develop team spirit, self discipline and sportsmanship. A strong community involvement is a key feature with volunteers encouraging support of the FA Respect program and families providing healthy food and drink to all players attending fixtures. 

The Little League ethos teaches the importance of the Code of Conduct to players, managers and supporters. Little League focus on the importance of creating an inclusive community atmosphere, teaching life skills eg. Respect The Pitch, also educating children to re-use their football shoes through a Boot Exchange program. 

We are always looking to recruit new players and also volunteer managers, referees and assistants to the League.

The Team:

The team are all volunteers, except for the referees who are paid a small amount for their time. The referees are up and coming young people keen to develop their skills in the game.

Chairperson: Les McKie

League Secretary: Carmen Asante-Cummins

Welfare Officer  Les McKie

League Treasurer: Daniel Ford

Admin Officer: Sam Clarke

Chief fundraiser: Carmen Asante-Cummins

Referees Secretary: Daniel Ford

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