COVID-19 - League Update...hope to see you soon

Firstly, may we say how much we have dearly missed all of the boys and girls playing the sport they love, parents and siblings encouraging and cheering from the side-lines, managers bantering to one another, the family that is Clapham Little League. We hope you are all well and that this message finds you in great spirits.

It has been an unusual and unprecedented time over the last few months but it seems that we have overcome a peak in the pandemic, in the UK, so are feeling hopefully and positive looking forward to the new norm.

Following recent announcements, Clapham Little League have begun discussing on what the next steps forward will be in these challenging times.

Our first steps will be to review the current practices and routines we would usually follow and assess them to ensure we are prepared to carry on with the wonderful, exciting and entertaining league in the safest possible way.

We will keep you informed, soon, of what decisions have been made. If any of you have experience in dealing with safety strategy and logistics of managing within the COVID 19 guidelines we would be grateful for your input. We are all volunteers so would gratefully accept any professional advice.

Please email if you have any suggestions or feel free to contact your child's football coach.

Until we meet again, remain safe, stay fit and enjoy every day as much as you can.

All the best

Clapham Little League