So Close ...CLL at the Bantam Nationals

What can I say. Clapham Little League made an amazing, valorous and courageous effort.

With two teams submitted to the tournament it showed that, this season, we had talent in abundance. But its the way that if you have two team in a tournament the dreaded may happen.. and it did. Both teams faced each other in the Semi Finals.

There could only be one team winner therefore CLL TEAM 2 were knocked out in the Semi Finals.

We had one team left and if you've read our post before the odds always seem to be against us in the Nationals.

The players did an amazing job but this year it wasn't quite meant to be and they finished the tournament as runners-up in the worst possible way....PENALTIES.

They leave with their heads held high. What drama in this game we call football!!

Well done to our Clapham's mini Cobras

Once again the Clapham players did their town proud. What an amazing bunch of kids.

A tribute to the quality and talent that is Clapham Little League