Little League (Bantams) Nationals Cup 2018

The National Bantam teams from Clapham Little League did us proud with 3 teams entered we were able to achieve the Tournament Shield. An accomplishment that had been evading us for some years. So what was different this time around?? Not only did we have a talented set of players, full of energy , bounce and discipline to withstand the battle of competition looking smart with the brand new kits provided by the league sponsor, Tyrone, but we also had the unique & miraculous combination.

With the return of Otis, back to Clapham League, with the Legacy of winning the Nationals Competition our odds were higher than usual but what made the achievement complete was the Manager, Riade, who him self was a winner of the tournament, astonishingly, with Otis as his Manager!!!

I mean, this is the story that will live in the history of Clapham Little League for many years to come. A testimony to the reward of receiving as a child to then "give back", as an adult, what you richly received.

Tournament winner as a player becomes Tournament Shield winner as a manger with his former Nationals winner Manager as assistant!! I eagerly await this story being made into film with Idris Elba and Jason Momoa playing the star roles. :-)