Anglo-Dutch Little League Tournament - We made it to the finals.....

Once again the junior division represented Clapham Little League in the Dutch Little League Cup and made an outstanding display of determination, character and skill which was rewarded with a place in the final. What an amazing achievement and a feat that had never previously been accomplished.

Although they played with such pride and enthusiasm, the luck didn't go there way and conceded the game (old English tradition) 5-4 on penalties :-(.

They all did themselves, and Clapham Little League, a just service and as quoted by the League Secretary Lorna Ashley " in my eyes they're all winners regardless of the outcome. Well done to the players and mangers for all of the hard work that they put into the Cup. On behalf of Clapham Little League may I say a very big thank you. I saw how you all played on that day and I'm proud of you all".

With such a display of grit and character, the trophy will be surely be there's for the taking next year.